Every web page designed by us is prepared individually to suit the needs of our clients. 

E-mail :

We offer 25 MB e-mail accounts.

Standard account

Specialized accounts (for Polish medical institutions )
eg. name@doctor.pl
eg. name@dentist.pl
eg. name@lekarz.com
eg. name@stomatolog.com
eg. name@optyk.com
eg. name@apteki.com

Web hosting:

We provide web hosting services for companies and idividual clients.

Information Services:

We offer web pages in our medical information service for:


Every page is located in both the Polish and English language sites. It contains the company logo, picture, mini map with the office localization and all other necessary information. The page is constructed by us free of charge. The cost of submitting it in to the information service is 200 zł per year with no extra costs.

Consulting :

We assist our clients with purchasing software and hardware, domain registration and help make their web pages more visible on the Internet.